Dear Dr. Salzer and Staff,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Marc after his moped accident! I am so glad you saw the necessity to have surgery for his long-term benefit and for ascertaining sterilized surgical equipment! 🙂 You guys rock!

With sincere appreciation, Susan Ochsner


My 89 year old mother started having back problems in Jan. 2013. She had been to Dr. Scott Strohmeyer before, so went back to him. He was hesitant to do surgery at that point as he is very conservative with treatment and tries everything possible before surgery and because of her age. At that time, he suggested injections, which she tired to no avail. Then he put in the spinal stimulator, which didn’t help relieve the pain either.  She then started using pain medication and that didn’t help either.

After a year, she returned to Dr. S. He did a CT scan and noticed there was something on her spine. By this time, he had gotten to know her and realized other than her back, she is a healthy “young” 89 year old. He said, “Let’s do it” and we all agreed.  He performed surgery in May 2014, and removed a cyst the size of a walnut from her spine!  She was in the hospital for two weeks, in rehab for two weeks and now walks with no problem and is back to her normal self!  She recently walked around a pond at The Oaks, where my mom and 90-year-old dad moved recently. They also are taking yoga twice a week!  Dr. S even apologized that it took a year to figure out what to do that would return her to good health.  We said better late than never!

Dr. Strohmeyer is an angel.  My mother is a walking miracle because of Dr. Strohmeyer!

— Sandra Somerall


Dr. Dean, you did my left shoulder some years ago when I lived in Walterboro. I could not have asked for better care and outcome. Now my right shoulder needs replacing, but I now live in North Charleston. I need a good shoulder doctor in this area.

— Norman Ketchie


Dear Dr. Salzer,
Thank you so very much for picking up on the blood clot in my leg in early July. You saved my life! I came to your office with so much pain in my calf and hamstring — thank you for working me in that day — and you very wisely suggested that I have an ultrasound performed to see if I had a blood clot. Wow! You were correct!
Thank you so much! I have been on Xarelto and the clot is no longer there. Dr. Long has performed gene blood testing, a CT scan and a second ultrasound to confirm that it is gone. All other tests were negative, so it has been determined that it was probably due to an injury.
I will be forever grateful to you! You are an excellent physician and a very smart man! God bless you!
— Jeannie Lawrence


I’ve returned from a 2 week bike and bus trip to and through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We biked 15-35 miles daily; My 20 other biking companions were all experienced cyclists and we did a lot of walking up and down medieval alleys, stairs, ramps and you name it … My new knee not only survived this, it thrived, stronger than my other knee.
You and your team made this possible and I thank you deeply. Now on to other challenges.
— Sincerely, Frank J. Babel


I had minor hand surgery performed by Dr Ralph Salzer in Beaufort in Nov 2013. Since then he has examined me several times at his office to check on my progress. He has been very attentive and thorough during this time. We all know how expensive medical treatment is nowadays, so it is particularly nice to have had all of this attention at no extra charge. His bill for the procedure was much lower than all the other costs associated with the surgery, despite him doing most all of the work. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is contemplating orthopaedic surgery.
— Gerry Kenny, Beaufort SC


Dear Doctor Dean,
Where do I start thanking you for all you have done for my family and clients??
Lets start with the most important, my daughter Abby. Thank you for numerous times you got her back on the soccer field ready to play in time for a college coach to see her. And to the best end a scholarship! Also the surgeries she has had ,no one took the time you did. I remember sitting in your office and you said the words surgery…yikes , no parent wants to hear that. You saw that in my face and pulled up a chair and said there’s nothing more important then the questions you have …..the time you gave was immeasurable. Thank you.
Now ,lets not forget all the clients I have dragged in over the years. You and our staff have always been so kind, helpful and professional.Thank you for all the wonderful things you do!!!
— Kim Tavino, K-Fit


I’m a 76 year old, healthy active man. Last August I fell off my bicycle and I injured my shoulder. I went to a local orthopedic surgeon, who after looking only at my X-rays diagnosed a rotator cuff tear, but he said I was to old for surgery. I was devastated with his diagnosis, so I looked for a second opinion, and went to see Dr Dean.
He was very honest from the beginning; after studying my MRI, he told me I had a very large tear, but he couldn’t know the exact prognosis until the surgery. There were two possibilities: one, the damage could be too great, and he only would clean and close; the other, my muscles were in good shape, and then he could repair the damaged cuff.
After surgery he told my he found very healthy muscles, and even when the tear was large (4 cm), he was able to repair it.
It has been three months after surgery, and I have recovered the mobility and flexibility of my shoulder; next month I’m going to start playing golf, rowing, swimming and riding my bicycle again, not at the same time!
Dr. Dean performed a miracle; he not only did a superb work with the surgery, but also a great feast of engineering anchoring my tendon. He is a great surgeon, and a humane and understanding person, who returns patients phone calls. His staff has been kind and supportive at all times, that is something you appreciate today. I would strongly recommend Dr. Dean as an orthopedic surgeon, he is wonderful!!!!!
Thank you so much, Dr Dean.
— Rafael (Rafa) Cornejo


My wife and I moved to the Hilton Head area in 2000. One of the first things we looked in to was to find a good orthopedic surgeon. My wife has suffered for nearly 35 years with severe arthritis and joint problems which caused her to have over 45 surgeries in the 40 years we have been married.

We moved into a community for 55 and older, so getting referrals was not difficult. One name that consistently came up was Dr. Scott Strohmeyer. After further investigating we found that he graduated number one in his medical school and was offered a position at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. With that information, we proceeded to make an appointment. It did not take long before we realized that we made the right decision.

Dr. Strohmeyer took the time and patience to listen to all my wife’s medical problems and concerns. He made it very clear, from the beginning that surgery is not always the answer and he explained other options that might help her.

Her back became so painful, he recommended us to see Dr. Chutkan in Augusta, GA, who was the leading surgeon at the Medical Center. Dr. Strohmeyer knew Dr. Chutkan very well and had worked with him before. Dr. Chutkan had developed a procedure that would help my wife with her chronic back problems. The surgery not only helped relieve my wife’s pain, but afterwards she was able to actually stand up straight for the first time in years.

What struck me the most about Dr. Strohmeyer was his personal attention and caring attitude towards his patients. While he could do this surgery himself, he did not think the hospitals here in Hilton Head and Beaufort had the ICU units that met his particular standards. Dr. Strohmeyer called Dr. Chutkan directly and also wrote a letter explaining all my wife’s problems and asked that he please take the case because my wife and I were not only his patients, but his friends as well.

Dr. Strohmeyer is not only a great doctor; he is very compassionate and cares about his patients. As he stated in the letter to Dr. Chutkan, Pete and PJ are not only my patients, they are my friends, and that is exactly how we feel about him.

— Pete and PJ (Pamela) Peluso


Dr. Dean, My left knee is now 1-year-old. Because of your proficient skills, my mobility has been restored to 100%! I can now live my dreams — without pain!

— In gratitude, Jane Kendall

Dr. Mark Dean has been a blessing in my life. He has re-attached ligaments and repaired torn tendons in two shoulders and one knee over the past eleven years. Thanks to him, I have been able to continue competitive swimming (all strokes) well past the age that most quit competing. I have happily recommended him to anyone who asks (including teammates) – with universally very positive results. Like most really good physicians, it may take time to get in to see him; but it is well worth the wait!

— Pete Palmer, Beaufort, SC


Dr. Salzer is an excellent orthopaedic surgeon. Over the course of several years, Dr. Salzer did replacement surgery on my knee and two hips. I appreciate his patience in explaining the surgical process and what to expect during recovery and rehab. He is giving me back my quality of life. I have recommended Dr. Salzer several times and will continue to do so in the future. He has a great support staff.

— Elsie Doherty, Bluffton, SC


Please forward to any and all who care, especially Dr. Salzer, Dr. Hohenwater and Dr. Pearce. On Feb. 28th, Mikal became the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Mason, DDG 87, a Navy destroyer. Dr. Salzer, this could not have happened without your surgical expertise. You fixed his shoulder, so he could enter the Navy. A proud father says, “Thank you.” Karen, you four doctors changed my life. All of you have my deepest respect and admiration.

— Happy in Deming, New Mexico, Joe Phillips


Thanks to Dr. Ralph Salzer and his staff at Beaufort Orthopaedic Sports and Spine Center of Beaufort, SC, I am pain free!! Dr. Salzer performed complete knee replacement on both of my knees. Each surgery was successful. Recovery and rehab went well. For any one with an orthopaedic need, I would recommend Dr. Salzer. He treats his pateince as he would a close family member. I almost regret that I don’t have a third knee for him to replace.

— Sincerely, A Very Satisfied Patient!!, Emily Beth Warren


You guys are the greatest! My husband and I have been to all of you — and you have never let us down. Your office staff is courteous and efficient – and talking with each of you is easy/breezy. You are all top notch! Thank you for your caring and expertise. However, I hope I do not see any of you in the near future!

— Nan Strauch